Sunday, 11 May 2014

Back to the Future

Having enjoyed the last FoG-R game we decided to have another go. Phil loaned me the rule book, and I've been working my way through it. There sure are a lot of rules. The system at heart is simple, but they have put in a whole lot of little rules to cover all the eventualities that came up in play testing. A testament to the extent of play testing, if not necessarily game design. The number of these rules could be easily reduced by playing the game on a squared grid, but I digress.

Flicking through the book I realised I had enough figures to make up the two Italian Wars starter armies. Some figures may be a bit anachronistic, but I'm close enough. Alas I was missing some Sword & Buckler men for the Spaniards, and was looking to make do with some Landsknechts when I remembered something.

Hunting through my box of spares I came across 6 Essex S&B men. I remember picking them up loose from a bits box at a show many, many, years ago and never bothering with them. I was interested in the later period anyway, and I thought I could use these as foot officers should I need to rebase or something like that.

Actually, perhaps my memory is at fault, and Derek got them for me on a "I saw these and thought of you" basis from a loose box at a show. He used to do that a lot. He has units made up of bits and bobs in all his armies.

Anyway, so this Saturday I painted my first 28mm metal figures in quite a few years. Heavy, aren't they?

Prepared for painting

Painted and based
They're nice figures to paint. The early period Essex designs are still some of my favourites in this scale, before everyone started making figures stuffed full of steroids and overloaded with equipment.

FoG-R may get me back to filling some other holes in my armies (actually I need another couple of bases of these) but I doubt I'll ever go back to buying complete armies of them.

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