Monday, 4 August 2014

Marking the Anniversary

So today is the day. 100 years on.

Lots of bloggers are posting appropriate pictures and comments or reflecting on the affect on their families of the UK's declaration of war on Imperial Germany.

All I can add is that if you do commemorate don't do it in a vacuum. Get better informed. For all the flak they get the BBC produces very good factual programmes. The radio podcasts on the Great War are simply excellent. Last night I listened to one about Serbian and Yugoslavian attitudes towards Gavrilo Princip whilst sat at my painting desk.

If you haven't accessed these yet, this is the link:

Set up a link to download them and listen when you can. As I implied above I listen to a lot of them whilst painting. Previously they accompanied my commute.

The resources being made available to us are of consistently high quality and free as well. Go and download now.


  1. Thanks Trebian. That's really helpful. I've now downloaded a lot of them.....I can't believe I've missed them. Thanks again.

    1. The quality is variable (especially as some are one by local radio) but most have something of interest in them.

  2. Excellent link, thank you.