Sunday, 21 December 2014

More of Cid & Al

Took some time out to snap some shots of my Almoravids & Spanish figures. Shedquarters has better light for this & I used some wide angle and macro lens attachments to get close ups.

This is the progress to date on the Almoravids. I've stopped whilst I catch up with the Spanish. I've also noted by peaking into Phil's copy of DBA 3 that they've been more specific about what the bases should be in the army, so I have some extra bases to paint (Psiloi with bows, for example).

Another shot of the Murabit heavy cavalry and the command group.

The light horse look okay, even tho' there aren't a lot of different poses.

The El Cid cavalry.

A sort of combat picture. Luckily for me the opposing figures interlock convincingly.

I put this one in so you can see the detail on the Murabit saddle cloths.

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can make some real progress on the Spanish DBA army.


  1. Interesting period and a good collection you have put together using plastics.

    1. Not too hard to do these days, with what's available.

  2. Beautiful work, Treb, and I wanted to say thank you - I've read through the entire archive of your blog on my lunch breaks at work for the last couple weeks, and having come to miniatures and wargaming through 28mm fantasy figures years ago, my projects going forward are likely to be 1/72 plastic historicals based on how consistently impressed I've been with your work (living in a small apartment with limited storage/gaming space and a tight budget helps too). I've just bought a copy of Neil Thomas' AMW rules and have my sights set on some of Zvezda's medieval figures. Just need to clear some 28mm Achaemenid Persians and Spartans of my workbench first!

    1. Well, thank you very much for the feedback. I could see someone was reading the old items, but had no idea why.

      The Zvezda stuff is nice, - enjoy it. You can get a top quality army for less than half the price others are paying!

      All the best,