Thursday, 8 January 2015

How annoying

The  constraints of my current contract are cutting into my wargaming and blogging time. No matter, if the signal holds up on the train and I have something to say I'm as sound as a pound.

Over Christmas I laboured to complete my El Cid DBA army. I got most of it done and finished the last base off over the weekend.

I've had a few missteps along the way.  I seem to struggle with reading army lists especially when there are options. However none of these were fatal. Just some figures prepared that didn't need to be. Of course due to the need for a reprint I was working off DBA 2.2 rather than DBA 3.0 but surely that won't be a problem.

Alas it turns out it is. There are only small changes but the choices I made from the 2.2 options don't work for 3.0. I can't complain as I prefer the look of the new list but it does mean that this evening's planned photo report of my completed hidalgos must be postponed until I finish another element of spears and some bowmen.

Ho hum.

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