Sunday, 7 June 2015

Some Peruvian Pictures

Through a fortunate combination of circumstances I found myself with enough time on Saturday to sit down with Serif DrawPlus and do some flags for my Peruvian units.

The flags are quite involved, as they have the Peruvian coat of arms in the middle. Luckily for me it always fits exactly on the white central band of the flag, so I had to do little to easily available internet images to give me the basics I needed. This is less true of the Bolivian flag, where some serious time with PhotoPlus is going to be required.

So, come Sunday morning all my completed units had their flags attached and varnished and ready for a photo shoot.

Here we have a couple of line battalions, screened by some Cazadores, flanked by my cavalry. The buildings are from my AK47 collection, and are the closest I've got to what I saw on the Altiplano.  I thought I could use my Spanish buildings as they're adobe with those Mediterranean roof tiles. Alas they're all multi-storied and most Peruvian architecture is lower, on account of the earthquakes and stuff they get. Plus outside of the cities the buildings usually aren't white.

Same shot from behind the lines. Pleased with how bright the colours came up on the standards as they were printed on my ink jet using generic cartridges. The clear varnish has really brought them up nicely. You'll see I've painted the back of the bases with identifying marks by regiment.

More of a close up, with the units in classic Neil Thomas formations.

Each unit so far is slightly different. The Peruvian forces had two campaign uniforms, white & blue, for summer & winter respectively. They often wore both together as it gets cold at altitude regardless of the time of year. Furthermore the dress uniform had red trousers and white gaiters, so there's variety to be had.

Better shot showing the flags. I'm really getting to like these guys. Artillery piece on the desk will hopefully get finished this evening.


  1. Trebian,

    I am extremely jealous! You have done a wonderful job on these figures and I look forward to seeing them in action very soon.

    All the best,


    1. I'm afraid it won't be soon, although I'm putting the finishing touches to the first gun at the moment.