Sunday, 14 February 2016

Al-Andalus for AMW

Having looked at the Feudal Spanish in the last blog posting now is the time to consider their mainland opponents.

The starting point is the "Arab Army 620-970". This includes Heavy Cavalry in armour, Light Cavalry with javelins, Warband with spears (or Dark Age infantry) and light infantry bowmen. It hasn't got everything I think I need and I have looked at other army lists as well as the WRG book and other sources before coming to produce this.

Part of the problem is that the sources in English (or possibly even Spanish) aren't great and I'm not aware of extensive work on the Arabic sources. We have the situation of troop types that should be there, but aren't in some areas. 

Anyway, this is my best guess:

Andalusian Moors 1000 - 1200 

Andalusian Cavalry (Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Armour, Elite) 1 - 2
Christian Mercenaries (Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Armour, Elite) 0 - 1
Andalusian Jinetes/Mujahids (Light Cavalry (javelin) Light Armour, Levy) 1 - 2
Mounted bowmen (Light Cavalry (bow), Light Armour, Average) 0 - 1
Spearmen (Dark Age/Medieval Infantry, Light Armour, Average) 1 - 2
Skirmishers (Light Infantry (javelins), Light Armour, Levy) 1 - 2
Archers (Light Infantry (bows), Light Armour, Levy) 0 - 2
Slingers (Light Infantry (slings), Light Armour, Levy) 0 - 1

Special Rules
1) Knights Charging: Christian Mercenaries roll and extra D6 per base in the first round of combat
2) Cross bows: One Archers unit may be replaced by cross bows with Average quality

The mounted bowmen can have conventional bows or crossbows but do not get the crossbow saving roll modifier if so armed.

Slightly less happy with this list compared to the Feudal Spanish. This is a purely Anadulsian army and does not include Almoravid troops so I can use it to fight them. After I've done the Almoravids I might produce a "mash up" army of the two of them.

Probably need another box of Andalusian Heavy Cavalry.


  1. For ideas on Army Lists, I find the Fields of Glory and Impetvs lists useful.

    1. I don't have those, but I have several others. Tried to work out what I needed from scratch. It seems to me that some list writers have weird ideas.