Sunday, 21 February 2016

Almoravids for AMW

Or Murabits. Or Almohads.

This is the third in the series of pieces on doing El-Cid period army lists for AMW. There might be a fourth - a combined Almoravid/Al-Andalus Army - but this rounds off what I was originally intending to do which was to give my painting schedule a bit of focus. This is my vain attempt for this set of armies to drag myself back to my normal method of finishing projects, which I wrote about a while back: How to finish a wargames project. Once I've done this lot I'll have both an Andalusian and a Murabit army so I'll have enough toys to do either and the mash-up.

Again the root listing is the Arab Army list (620-970AD). This is deficient in a number of areas and is very vague. Plus it doesn't have camels in it. None of Neil's armies have camels in them so he doesn't have any camel rules either. Humph.

This army presented a few challenges and the special rules require real changes in the  basic rules, which isn't perfect but is unavoidable. Despite references to the Almoravids bringing elephants with them there's no accounts of them in combat, so I have eschewed the opportunity to put in an elephant unit. Of course, if you disagree then feel free to swap out any of the mounted units for an elephant.

North African Islamic Invaders (1000 - 1200)

Heavy Spears (Dark Ages/Medieval Infantry, Light Armour, Average) 3 - 4
Black Guards (Dark Ages/Medieval Infantry, Medium Armour, Elite) 0 - 1
Murabittin (Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Armour, Elite) 0 - 1
Christian Mercenaries (Heavy Cavalry, Heavy Armour, Elite) 0 - 1
Berber Horse (Light Horse (javelins), Light Armour, Average)  1 - 2
Archers (Light Infantry (bow), Light Armour, Average) 0 - 2
Skirmishers (Light Infantry (javelin), Light Armour, Average) 0 - 2

Special Rules
1) Knights Charging: Christian Mercenaries roll and extra D6 per base in the first round of combat
2) Heavy Infantry firepower: Heavy infantry units are either armed with javelins that they can use in defensive fire phase of the charge sequence, regardless of charge distance or the rear rank can be equipped with bows with
3) Camels: The Christian Mercenaries can be replaced by a unit of Camels (Light Horse, Light Armour, Average). As horses are "uncomfortable" around camels in Hand-to-hand combat against horse mounted units Heavy Cavalry deduct one die per base and do not receive any Knight charge bonus. Light Horse may not charge Camels.
4) Light Horse & Infantry Tactics: The light horse normally sheltered behind the Heavy Foot between sallies out to harass their opponents. Light horse may therefore interpenetrate and Heavy Foot on their own side provided they commence the move either directly behind or in front of the interpenetrated unit.
5) Yihadist foot: Some sources imply that the Alomravids were supported by swarms of lightly armed religious fanatics. If required up to two of the light infantry units may be replaced by Yihadist foot: Warband, Light Armour, Levy. They are classed as levy as they appear to melt away quite quickly and were used as a "speed bump" by Almoravid commanders.

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