Monday, 29 February 2016

Fame at last, for sure

Finally found a copy of MWBG.  I am the only blog this month but according to Henry I'm a gem.

I may subscribe.


  1. Always nice to be recognised in ones own life time.

  2. I do subscribe - there was a special offer. Henry runs a decent magazine, with a good 'hit rate' of articles about interesting campaign ideas, rule systems etc. The main competitor seems to be given over largely to 'eye candy' pictures of impossibly detailed figures in extreme close-up, which serve only to de-motivate this ham-fisted painter. My problem is that I can't throw the mags away - I counted 16 years of Duncan MacFarlane's Wargames Illustrated in binders in my Aged P's loft on my last visit. Can't bring myself to just junk them all ! At least you have the shed, you could shelve them nicely...

    1. Storing the mags is a problem. Over my wargaming career I have subscribed to Wargamers Newsletter, Military Modelling, Battle for Wargamers, MiniWargs, Games & Puzzles not to mention Slingshot, Arquebusier & Hobilar. It all gets too much. I've given away all my MilMods and stopped subscribing to a few. WGN I keep only for rarity value. If they have to go into the loft then they need to go.

      Shedquarters doesn't have storage for printed matter, - strictly toys & scenery.

    2. You are right. If stuck in the loft, things need to go really -but its a wrench! Btw I've been nostalgically looking at some of the loft archive - issue 12 of Miniature Wargames (c.1983?) has 'Old Charlie - a game for would-be Napoleonic Staff'. One of yours?

    3. Yes, indeed, that was one of mine. Bought every single Minifig British Napoleonic staff officer they made for that game, near enough.

      Plus some of my first figures from Irregular, - the dogs for the pack of hounds.

      Can't remember how much I got paid for it. In those days you had to track Duncan down at a show and stand over him whilst he gave you cash.