Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Gate of All Nations - Persepolis

The last kit I bought was the most expensive and came in a box with a DVD to help you with construction.

You also get a nice booklet with the parts and assembly sequence. There's a typo for the last 2 or 4 pieces which is a shame but by that stage it's clear where everything goes.

So this one has 10 sheets of laser cut veneered mdf.

No awkward baseboard to hold things in place. You start with a frame that raises it all up, which is how this actually looks. Darius I built a raised platform on which to construct Persepolis and make it even more imposing. It also means that visitors have to go up steps to meet the King of Kings.

The main floor goes on next, with the top flight of stairs and the staircase wall with all the reliefs on it.

The pillars are really nicely done. The uprights consist of 3 interlocking pieces that fit into a base plate then slot into the floor. The column head is made up of three parts so that the double horses head is double sided.

The walls of Gate area are made up of an inner and outer skin.

This gives it the appropriate thickness and again allows for laser embossing on both the inside and outside.

An extra layer on the corners gives more detail and depth.

The finished product. About 40 minutes work in total.

The front portal does look impressive. The sphinxes are nicely realised. Not sure about the guards. If they're statues I didn't see any evidence of them at the site. If they're supposed to be actual guards then they're too big.

Quick shot of the rear entrance and the bull shaped guardians.

Lastly a quick shot of the two Persepolis buildings next to each other. The Gate is very impressive, but I think the Palace is more practical.

On the whole very pleased.


  1. Those are so fantastic. Great pick-ups.

    1. The quality is just overwhelming. The stuff you see at shows over here is good, but these are at another level completely.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. I reckon everyone is right jealous at the moment.

  3. Very, very impressive!

    One wonders if there is a market for them in the UK and USA ... or if the manufacturers would be willing to make stuff that is.

    All the best,


    1. True compliment there from Bob the Temple Builder!

      There's clearly a market to sell these into the UK & USA, - anywhere wargaming is done. The difference in Iran as far as I could see was that this is a mainstream product, not confined to hobbyists or tucked at the back of craft shops.