Monday, 2 July 2018

I have how many??

The rebasing project continues. My, my, I've got a lot of figures that need doing.

My Sudan Campaign collection is larger than I realised, but about a week's worth of soaking and peeling has got everyone off their old bases, who needs to come off. The order of large numbers of pre-cut mdf bases has arrived.

Actually a big shout out to Alan of Hoka Hey Wargaming ( and also I found him on a Google Search, and he seemed to be very good value. Alas he didn't have the size I wanted listed on his website, so I gave him a call, as the site suggested. A quick chat and I was sorted, with a promise he'd have the stuff in the post for me as soon as he got back from the Penrith show, and he was as good as his word. Good price and because I was ordering a sack full he threw in the postage as well.

It's been a bit warm, so I've been in Shedquarters doing this lot in bulk. I thought I'd get it done whilst the weather was conducive to glue and polyfilla drying. Unfortunately this had lead to some of the figures not sticking properly, and the polyfilla becoming too dry to work with quite quickly, so need for frequent addition of extra water.

The change in base sizes means I can get more in a box, so I should be able to free up 2-3 boxes, which helps with shelf space and also gives me boxes I can use for other projects. I've also taken the opportunity to do some proper boxliners, so I know what figures go in what spaces.

What I have discovered with some of the boxes is that I'll need to move the dividers, which is a nuisance as they are well and truly glued in.

Still, I'm sure all the effort will be well worth it, and it is almost certainly not a displacement activity for finalising the slides or that talk I'm giving at the end of the month.


  1. I get all my bases from Geoff at hes also a wargamer so deserves our support and will cut & produce anything you want if you place a special order, within reason.

    1. Not used him. I usually use Warbases, but Alan was very keen on price and service. I can only recommend what I know - and he was helpful.

  2. Thanks for the link to Timeline who look quite reasonable. I've mainly used who have also been helpful for odd size requests, rounded corners etc. I've tended to pre-order before going to shows.

    1. Yes, I've bought from PFW in the past. These guys won it for me on price and then delivered on service. Basically your mdf base is a commodity, so those are the differentiators for me.

      And it helps if they're the right size.