Sunday, 15 July 2018

Revisiting old and new buildings

One of the great things about COW and WD is that I've made some great friends. Okay, so we don't hang out down the pub every weekend, but that's partly because we live at opposite ends of the country.

Bob, of Wargaming Miscellany has always been very generous to me in terms of his support for my various SCW projects, having in previous years passed on to me the bits of his SCW library that he doesn't want anymore or has run out of space for.

Recently he has blogged about the need to downsize as he is thinking of moving. I feel this moment is fast approaching me as well, although Shedquarters gives me a lot of flexibility, especially as the originally envisaged under table storage has still not been built. Books might become an issue, however, as I'm reluctant to store them in what is mostly an unheated outbuilding during the winter.

Any how, following his public announcement of his downsizing Bob emailed me to ask if I wanted some 15mm SCW buildings he was offloading, which were mostly from Hovels, a manufacturer I use. And also some Russian buildings of similar provenance.

Well, I said "Yes" to both, and then promptly forgot that the offer included Russian buildings as well.

At COW Bob handed over a good sized, weighty box. I have now had a chance to un-pack it.

What a little box of treasures. Not just Hovels, but some I thought were Timecast but aren't as well.

Bob is a better painter than me, and his buildings looked exquisite. That meant they didn't match mine, of course. My choice was therefore to try and repaint mine in Bob's style, or have a dash at his in mine. I went for the latter, and in any event I didn't need a full repaint, except for the roofs of everything, as I couldn't remember the exact paint mix I used for my terracotta roof tiles.

I also had to put my buildings on bases, as Bob had done a nice job on his, and they certainly improved the look.

And with this warm weather you can bake the bases with sand/flock in the sun.

Bob's generosity has forced me to confront an issue I have hidden from since I started the RCW.

I bought houses from Peter Pig and also some from another company. that I can no longer remember the name of, and can't find on the internet.

These later buildings are "true" 15mm, with removable roofs that are sized to put Flames of War bases inside. They are the grey buildings in the above pictures. Whilst the Hovels and PP buildings fit in scale, those others are monsters.

Really, I can't use both on the same table. Now I've got Bob's I have more of "little 15mm" than "true 15mm". Perhaps it's time to off load the big fellahs.

Anybody know who made them?


  1. The old Mainly Military resin buildings in 15mm were larger than PP and had separate roofs, can't recall if they did eastern Europe though.

    1. Kerr and King! Don't know why this comment would jog my memory, but that's what they are.

  2. While I don't know who makes the non-Hovels, this is a very generous gift from Bob.

    1. Bob is a top guy, and always generous with his time and support. That's why it is so annoying when someone rips off one of his books and releases it for free on the internet.

      As Bob wouldn't take any money for them I slipped a few quid to Cancer Research UK. That way everyone wins. Bob frees up space, I get some buildings and hopefully we edge towards a cure for cancer.

    2. Bob’s experience with having his work pirated and loss of IP quite annoys me. Good form on your charitable contribution!

    3. Yes. I'm afraid bigger fish than Bob are being pirated, so the problem's not going to go away. And it was Bob's suggestion on the charity contribution too, which I should have said before.

  3. Looks like the Russian Front is coming your way Trebian WWI or WWII IMHO ;)

    1. The Russian Civil War has been big in Shedquarters in the past. It may get a re-airing in the next 12 months.