Wednesday, 22 August 2018

..and the rest of that last post.

Just re-read what I wrote about Partizan and realised its unfinished. The clue is in the title.

As we were packing up I had the chance to have a longer than normal chat with Pete Berry of Baccus 6mm. Pete thinks a lot about the hobby, and has very clear and definite ideas, and he's usually thinking something different and original.

He had much to say on the state of things and why, unusually for a 28mm dominated show, he'd had a good day.

We agree very much on a dislike for the current trend for every figure in a unit to have not just a slight difference but generally be waving its arms about regardless. Try that in a unit of Roman legionnaries in a shield wall let alone in a pike block and see how you get on. It's madness.

So he's always worth a chat, if you and he have the time. And it's always worth investing in one of his really well designed and well thought out armies.


  1. I imagine that some of it is production for a different scale of game. There seems to be more skirmish-to-company scale games out there, and players at that scale seem to like a little more dynamism in their figs.

    1. I think that the issue is the other way round. These type of figures are only really suitable for skirmish games. But what ever style of game you play, there's no justification for a pikeman waving his big stick abut in anything other than a recognised posture.