Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Love at first (Jaco)bite

After a month or so of not too intensive painting I had enough Jacobite rebellion units ready to try and have a game. My attempt to adapt my Fight/Fright/Flight Sumerian mechanism was floundering around in metaphorical deep water, so I sat down on Good Friday (I know how to live) and typed up a half page of amendments to put Highlanders into "Va Te'n Guerre", my WSS set of rules from last year. I wasn't entirely sure if this would work, as they were written for really formal warfare, and the Jacobite Risings sort of aren't.

I don't know what everyone else thinks is "Old School", but I've got Airfix figures, the Airfix cottage, Merit Alder Trees and a cloth draped over some hills.

He's some loyal Highlanders, placed on the Government forces' left flank in an enclosure.

Here we have a close up of some of the "bonny lads" all ready to fight for the King Across the Water.

The Jacobite commanders confer (Richard on the left, Tim on the right) before launching an all out attack.

"German George's" men pushed forwards to create a defensive perimeter, with our artillery positioned to sweep the enemy with grapeshot. I was joined on this side of the table by Steve.

As the Highlanders surged forwards, the slightly more restrained Royal Ecossois followed up in column, ready to deploy should their more excitable colleagues suffer a reverse.

We were now nearly all in place. The last piece was our cavalry, which was being moved to a more central position to exploit our breakthrough, when it occurs.

After a quick conference we decided to push our infantry forwards, as we might end up delivering two volleys into the on rushing hordes if we won the initiative role (spoiler alert: we didn't win one all evening).

We opened up at slightly longer range that I would have preferred, but we did inflict some damage.

Not enough to prevent the Highland charge, as they rushed on, through their own musket smoke.

Fortunes were mixed. On our left one battalion was driven back, but held together. In the centre we fought the Kilties to a draw. On the right we had a bit of a collapse.

Meanwhile out on our extreme right I was trying to get to the hedge line to form some type of defensive position, although that battalion's left flank looks a little bit up in the air.

Our left hand battalion has gone now, and our routing unit is given no respite. My first volley on the right inflicts some damage.

The centre is holding, but our brave General pays the ultimate price. This is a bit of a nuisance.

Then things start to go our way a bit. The charge on our extreme right is rebuffed with extreme prejudice, and a clan leader takes a bullet to the head.

Alas to the left of this little victory another clan regiment has burst through the hedgerow and driven back our battalion...

... which then breaks, as does our valiant unit in the centre. This is game over, as the Government forces had taken over 1/3rd casualties and so passed their break point.

All things considered it went really well. The battle looked like a Jacobite Rebellion battle. The modifications seemed to work, although I have a few notes, so a tweak here or there. We played this as an early '45 battle, so I made the Highland units all superior quality to the Government troops and I also rated the Jacobite General higher, and they had 2 to the Government's one commander, and that makes quite a difference.

Yes, very pleased with this experiment. Think this might be going to COW.


  1. Hi Trebian,

    If this is going to COW then count me in although I am not arriving until Saturday morning.

    All the best,


    1. You would be most welcome. As for the timing, - that will be down to the all powerful Tim, but I expect either Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, although I've got another daytime session with Phil at some time as well.