Saturday, 15 June 2019

Zvezda Artillery Limbers

As requested, here's the limber & ammunition wagon assembled. They were a pretty good fit, although my slightly less than nimble fingers did make heavy weather of bits of them.

There are some slight oddities in the set. Because of the distribution of parts across the 4 sprues (of which 3 are identical), you get some spare bits, - three wheels,a spare rider and an armless man. Wonder how they got to that as a design decision.

You get one limber and an ammunition wagon. Each pair of horses has a rider (I didn't realise at the time you got a spare, or I'd have had them all with tricorns).

The lead pair of horses on the wagon is detachable, and can be added to the limber for the heavier gun. I'm trying to work out how to add wheels to it so I can have another limber.

I found another gunner pose, too. There's only one of the chap pointing in the box.

The wagon has an articulated front axle, for going round corners. That'll be glued in place when I paint it.

The top is removable, and there's a separate inlay for the cannon ball holder.

And as I said, the front pair of horses are detachable, so here's the wagon being pulled by just a pair.

These are really nice models, and the locator pins mostly fit in okay. I widened a few with a thin point and fixed with superglue because I'm so ham-fisted, but a competent modeller wouldn't need too. The wheels fit so snuggly that they rotate without coming off or needing a fixing device on the end. I've glued them solid, of course.

My only issue is how to paint them as my normal glue-to-a-stick technique won't really work with them. I may have to base up first.

Anyway, thoroughly recommended.


  1. I always weld them with a hot pin/wire to ensure they are firmly in place as well as basing before painting

    1. I'm more concerned about how I'll paint them & get at all the fiddly bits.

  2. Three spare wheels!? You can NEVER have too many wheels!

    1. Yes. Agree with that. They are in two different sizes, two of the small ones and one of the large.