Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Phil Brought Infantry

We did a bit of PBI this week. Phil brought along his Desert War Italians and French. Dave was learning the game, and Chris K was there, in need of a bit of a refresher.

CK & I were the Italians. Dave got the French. Phil's forces are always nicely themed with a lot of interesting stuff, often scratch built or heavily converted. I don't know where he finds the patience.

I didn't really take a lot of pictures or follow a narrative. This is what I got:

Phil is steadily modifying PBI 2006 to make it more acceptable both to himself and his audience. The pre-game has gone and there are changes to activation and some of the weapon effectiveness. And the winner points system. For this game CK and I had to attack, and all players had to build up a story of what they were trying to achievce so they could win a matrix argument at the end

My Italians occupied a cactus field and rescued two maidens.

Chris drove up and parked next to the Radio Station. He got out but couldn't occupy it in the same turn. That enabled Dave to rush in and take control amidst a hail of mostly ineffective fire.

Our "iron fist" looked quite impressive. Not quite the same when in action.

We then had a supply drop that fell both near the French and mostly in impassable terrain.

The firefight round the Radio Station got quite fruity. It was steadily sucking Dave's troops into a killing ground (like Blenheim nearly 250 years earlier). At least that's what we're claiming.

Boom! A hit on our armoured car from an HMG disables it.

The French then got some air support. It missed.

But I did manage to blow up a bren carrier thingy with an anti-tank gun on it.

And loads of other stuff happened. All very confusing, but quite a bit of fun.

We're having another go in a fortnight.


  1. PBI havent played it in years, but looking good!

    1. Yes. The whole square based thing does enable a visual aesthetic unmarred by attempts to tuck bases in behind cover that isn't large enough for it.

  2. I'm claiming that we BOMBED the French and trapped them in the radio bunker :-)

    Also lots of posthumous medals awarded ...

    Regards, Chris.