Having railed against the quality of proof reading in some publishers works I have to admit to an error of my own. 

On the back cover QRS of FWTDR the close assault table says "Winner/Loser" at the top of the "Hits Inflicted" columns. These should read "Attacker" and "Defender". The table is correct in the rules, on page 57. It should be quite obvious it is wrong when you play the game, as defenders that triumph overwhelmingly apparently inflict no hits on the enemy.

Apologies to one and all. For those who bought the pdf from Wargame Vault, a revised file has been uploaded. 



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    1. Especially as I'd already done it right in the main rules. Plus "Winner/Loser" does look plausible when you look at it.

  2. I'm used to seeing typos in QRS for all sorts of rules, sometimes they are completely different to the main rules in quite major ways, so such a minor slip is neither here nor there. It is hard to keep a precis exactly in line with a full document, and I've made similar errors myself.

    These days I write the rules as a QRS to aid brevity, but if necessary, add notes and appendices. Only works for simple things though.

    1. I usually do the tables for the QRS as part of the rules, and then just copy them across, so I don't know what happened here at all.


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