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I was looking at a pile of rule books recently (mine, of course, not anyone else's) and I thought that the covers did look rather nice. Then Kevin T, who I was corresponding about on another subject, let slip that he had a copy of FWTDR. Then he said "If you ever do a T shirt, can I order two?"

What are the chances of that? 

It just so happens that Mike Ingram, who runs Northampton Tours, has found a website to do a whole load of merchandise. The website was really easy to use. Simply upload the designs, select your products, and away you go.

So here we are. There are five designs based upon the main rule sets I have written (no DWD or IM yet), and you can get pretty much any type of t-shirt or top you could want. There's even a tank top so you can display your favourite rule set whilst working out in the gym. 

And a tote bag, for you to put purchases in when we finally get back to going to shows. Or simply for carrying your Wargaming For Grown Ups rule book collection round in.

You can view these top quality, keenly priced products in my Redbubble Shop

Go on. You know you want one

Or even two.

Over to you Kevin.


  1. Here's another idea: put a simple 'back of a postcard' ruleset or the QRS of a longer one on a T-shirt so that players can refer to it by looking at the game organiser/umpire during a game.

    1. Genius! I'll get right on it.

    2. I'm adding stickers and some other stuff as I go along. Check the Merchandise page for a picture of the tote bag.

  2. Replies
    1. They're 28mm from the latest Perry brother's range of T-Shirt wearing models.

      Seriously the Redbubble website has some clever software that superimposes your design on products. I don't know any of these young trendy people.

    2. I don't know any young, trendy people either...

    3. Our youngest is a vegan who works for a web company. I think that may count.

  3. These are Perry's worst ever sculpts - too thin, arms and legs too long and thin, very little engraving to take washes. They could be mistaken for real people. The T-shirt paint jobs are nice though :-)

    Regards, Chris.


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