Back in the West Country (Game 2)

After lunch, it was my turn to provide the entertainment. I had gone with "It Rolls for Ivan", my Russian Civil War rules in development. I used the scenario from last week, with minor changes.

We kept Richard's rather fab cloth on the table, because it is rather fab, after all.

Chris took the Reds, with the natty hat.

Richard opened up with his artillery, and sprayed it around a bit. This meant he didn't pin the artillery he was aiming at.

Chris fired back, and missed the target completely.

Richard spread his orders around so he could move his infantry as a body. He also deployed into skirmish order.

The cavalry units approached each other, fought a round of combat. Chris got bounced, taking heavy casualties.

Here's a shot from the other end, showing the White Wave heading across the table.

Chris reorganised his cavalry, and sent it back in. Again he lost, this time marginally, and was bounced back.

Having driven back the Red cavalry, Richard pulled his back out of shot to regroup.

Chris had occupied the centre of the table, and deployed into a firing line. Before he could open up his impulse ended, and Richard was able to move up and hit him with firing from two units.

Chris brought up his armoured cars, and opened up with the 3" gun on the Garford.

This caught one of Richard's massed columns in the open.

Chris sent in his Naval Brigade, but his luck wasn't in, and they lost the round of combat, being driven off.

Richard closed with the firing line he'd shot up, and it broke, leaving only its dead behind. Chris has some problems in the centre.

In fact, Chris had problems pretty much everywhere. He'd had some poor luck in the close combats, and his artillery was particularly wayward. Although I haven't mentioned it, Richard got his armoured cars involved, and Chris was slow to bring his up. Having said that, the White cars are currently on the talbe edge, having fled an artillery strike.

The Whites have the Reds on the back foot, and it looks bleak for the Revolution. We then packed up and went down the pub for dinner, which is another story completely, as was our drive home.

A good day's wargaming, with good friends, nice figures and nice terrain. Not a bad way to spend a Monday.


  1. Not a bad way to spend a Monday at all! The wargames room looks brilliant and maybe one day something akin this will come my way...

    1. Richard's Shedquarters West is awesome. It is actually a garage, with a wargames room cunningly concealed inside. It has proper heating and plumbing, and his foldable table tops work really well. It is wider than Shedquarters too. It is so good, of course, because he had come up and played in the original Shedquarters before undertaking the design.

  2. Graham is too kind about "Shed West", though I confess I am very happy how it turned out. It is absolutely true that my design spec and build was based on what I had seen and coveted, principally at Shedquarters (but also some photos of wargaming rooms on various blogs and some advice I had sought from the owners). I was fortunate enough to be able build the large double garage and fit it out as I wished, and design my tables set up on chests of drawers (storage, storage, storage!) with drop-leaf extensions giving anything from two separate 6' x 4' tables all the way to a potential 6' x 18'.
    And by the way Graham's Russian Civil War rules are very nice to play! I am a big fan of the card-based unit activation system (which he also used in his Spanish Civil War rules).

    1. Everything I say is true. It is a terrific wargame room, making good use of the space you have. I intend to do something similar to your draws and table toppers set up eventually.

  3. TWO games in a day and dinner at the pub and it's only Monday. Do you realise that you have died and gone to heaven?!
    Regards, James

    1. And we weren't even trying. Normally we'd try to get three games in.


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