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I haven't painted any larger figures for quite a while. I actually don't have any need for them right now, but earlier in the year I picked up some Strelets boxes as a sign of solidarity with their home country. I had nothing particularly in mind for them, so I just picked up some boxes of what I think of as generic tricorn wearing infantry. I really like the Strelets WSS British infantry, but the boxes have too many grenadiers for me. I have settled on the French Early War Fusiliers as the poses are nice and unfussy and the uniforms uncomplicated. I have a box of their Musketeers on the March as well, but their muskets look a little short. I'll get round to them eventually, but for now they're not at the front of the queue. 

I have decided to paint them as Bavarians, because I discovered at the back of the painting cupboard a pot of "Bavarian Blue" from Coat d'Armes. 

Something seems to have gone wrong with my photo booth or camera as I can't get the lighting right for them in line.

Bit better with them in column. The flags are off a website from uniforms at Blenheim. The figures come with a standard bearer and I need him to make up the numbers, so he sits on the command element, dwarfed by the flags either side of him..

I don't think these marching poses are the best in the box. There are two poses, so you get a bit of variety.

I've got another unit of these marching fellows undercoated and then another five units to be used for something or other. I think two of then will be Bavarians then I might look at some Danes or Hanoverians.


  1. Nice paintwork Graham but I agree about the pose, either their muskets are very heavy or they are related to Quasimodo the bell ringer!

    1. They're not that bad! The mould and design makes it hard to get at some of the detail.

  2. Good to see activity at your painting desk!


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