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  1. Excellent. Now, I really do not need another project, but the prospect of armoured trains on the tabletop is intriguing :) !!

  2. Part of me is going 'How can I 'do' the Bolshevik-Poland campaign? Vast theatre, wide strategic scope, Gay Khan's Kavkor, Tukhachevski's hordes, sweeping advances by both sides, Pilsudski's counterblow at the gates of Warsaw - what's not to like?
    The other bit is saying ... do I need a new project...?
    Mind you, I enjoyed reading 'Taiping Era' ... too late to use for my Woodscrew armies campaign...
    Christmas is coming up...

    1. My gaming buddy has just invested a significant sum in a lot of 28mm Poles from Siberia Miniatures for this very campaign, Ion. As we both already have decent numbers of Bolsheviks, games should not be too far off in the future, hopefully!

    2. The predecessors of these rules were adapted by the Edinburgh Wargames Society for the Russo-Polish war. You might want to look at the command card sequence as I don't know how much troops refusing to do as they are told s a feature. Otherwise everything else will hold up okay.

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    1. It would help if the Amazon search engine could find them. And TMP to post the Priority News item.

    2. Yep. Lucky you posted a direct link!


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