Edgcote Refresh Update

I've spent a few days reviewing the Edgcote figures and tidying them up. I've also been trying to work out how to do the scenery without filling up the boot of the car.

I think I'm going to use one of my wargame neoprene mats with foam rubber hills underneath. This is how it is looking so far. Nothing clever. The stream is from my standard terrain box, as are the hedges. The trees are just pushed into the hedges for now. I will probably base them individually on 2p pieces. Phil was using polystyrene tiles and just used to push them into the board.

This is Pembroke's army arrayed on Edgcote Lodge Hill, with an attempt at a camp. The flags have all been replaced and extra ones added showing the various livery badges.. 

Here's Pembroke and his mounted troop. I've done his lordship's coat of arms on his horse and his surcoat, which was previously lacking. He has a new personal banner as the previous one was that of his father. The other banner is his badge of a horse in traces. I have reduced the length of the flag poles and lances so that the figures can fit in a standard box file. The odd figure is needed to make the width of the unit correct, as the command stand is narrower than usual. I don't know why but I can't rebase all the figures and I'm finding it hard to mimic Phil's basing, which would mean rebasing EVERYTHING in my Polyfilla & sand style. That's not going to happen.

Another shot of Pembroke so you can see my nifty brushwork on the horse.

Robin of Redesdale and his supporters. I have taken the main Conyers banner off and replaced it with Conyers livery badges. The Conyers seem to have used two, the blue lion and the red cross. The bases behind Robin have John Conyers Senior and William Conyers, identifiable by their new banners.

Here's Stafford malingering at the edge of the table. He has a standard bearer with his flag, and the other bases are using the Stafford knot. I'm not sure about this, but I don't have a better choice for now.

The first wave of rebel reinforcements. That's Sir Geoffrey Gates (on the left) and Sir William Parr (on the right). As they have two bases each I needed a livery badge banner and we don't really know what they were. The Parrs use a maiden's head couped on their coat of arms as a crest so I've adopted that and taken a light blue livery colour for no real reason other than I liked the colour contrast. For Gates I have fallen back on good old heraldic punning and given him a gate as a badge. The red and yellow livery colours were chosen as it is extremely unlikely they'd be the same as his coat of arms, so I went for red and yellow instead of blue and red. I suppose I could have gone for yellow and black for a complete contrast.

Clapham's reinforcements. Clapham has had the heraldry finished on his horse, and his banner has been switched from a foot unit, which for some inexplicable reason has been part of Gates and Parr's force previously. Warwick's livery banners are out in force, and that's a Northampton flag there. I have just realised that the Wild Rat is facing the wrong way, so that'll need replacing.

The Herbert brothers on the ridge line. Pembroke probably had three brothers (Richard, Thomas and John according to one of the Welsh contemporary poets) and two half brothers with him on the day.  I have therefore taken his father's coat of arms and add differentiations for second and third sons as well as adding livery flags.

More of Pembroke's men. That's one of his brothers on the right and Sir John Wogan on the left.

Redesdale's battleline. Sir Christopher Willoughby nearest the camera.

Close up of Pembroke's full array. The Vaughans are closest to the camera. The camp is rudimentary for now as I don't have the table depth to put out more bits and pieces.

Pembroke dismounted.

Redesdale's archery screen trying to provoke Pembroke into attacking. I'm not sure on their livery jackets, as the Conyers tended to be all white. I'm not going to repaint for now, however.

More of the same. They're based on 2ps so they can be removed from the sabot bases.

Finally my finished "Dance of Death" casualty markers. These are Wargames Atlantic skeleton warriors. They're hard plastic and need to be glued together. Mostly you have to just attach arms and heads, but one in four has separate legs ffs. Who has time for that? I've done a couple but if I can get away with it I won't be doing any more of them.

Next up the pub in Banbury and the barmaid.


  1. Love all the flags! What is Phil's basing style - like a quite smooth mix, then scattered rocks and grass on top or something?

    1. Thanks. More flags = more fun. Phil uses Ronseal natural wood filler, with bits of coir matting and pebbles stuck in it. Then a bit of sand, then three colours of paint - grey, brown and green - then some static flock and dry brushing. He goes into the process in detail in this blog post: https://philsfog15s.blogspot.com/p/edgcote-1469-robin-and-rebels.html . He goes through 6 stages. That's at least twice as many as I'd even consider.

  2. Lovely figures Graham, your attention to detail is admirable.

    1. Thanks. You sort of get forced into it when you do something like this, I mean. The Heraldry Nazis will get you if you aren't careful. And those that don't tell you there and then probably go off and laugh at your incorrect liveries to their mates. Nearly as bad as rivet counters.


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