Okay for AK...47

We played AK47 Republic (classic edition) back in January after a break of a few years. As we were likely to have an even number show for this week's gaming evening Phil had suggested more of the same so the newbies could fix the rules in their heads.

Well Tim at least. Steve didn't play last time.

With Chris away sunning himself somewhere I was supplying three armies. I went for the Zambolan People's Front (Dictatorship), the Swamibian Defence Force (Colonials) and the Army of Dog (Religious Movement). I set up a type one and type five terrain. I should probably have looked back at the last report as I did a type one then as well. I gave Tim & Steve first choice of the armies. Tim took the Army of Dog (my favourite) and played Phil and Steve selected the Zambolans. They have a lot of tanks.

Steve was the attacker, and I was the defender in our game. Phil & Tim had a dice off for theirs as both chose 90 political points. Other than that I paid little attention to them as out game got a bit hectic. Hence my photo record is also incomplete.

I got one unit on at the start, some professional infantry with mortars. Steve had three. The objectives are the village, the crossing of the stream (not an obstacle) and the crossroads. Steve had a good political phase as well, with extra mobility. He seized the crossroads with his first move, and drove a tank right up to the village, where I'd stationed two mortars. I lost one of the mortars, but they zeroed in on Steve's infantry supporting his tanks, and stonked them fairly effectively. He then rolled badly and failed all of his morale checks.

I reinforced the village whilst providing cover for the Red objective. Steve brought up his other tank and killed my remaining mortar, but not before it had blasted away effectively again. Steve's other tank unit failed its morale test and left the table.

I now had to hang on until I could get some reinforcements on. Steve aggressively moved his remaining infantry up to close assault the village (no pictures, I'm afraid) and moved his jeep mounted HMG from the crossroads to shoot up anything that stuck its head up.

At last. I get on a pair of Buffels with four bases of infantry. Steve moves across to cover them. A fierce fire fight ensues.

We're both looking a bit thin on the ground. by now. Where are our reserves? That white marker in the village on my troops is the Double One random event - minus two on firing.

I manage to break the men at the crossroads and move up to take it. Really effective performance by this unit.

Steve is pressing hard on the village, and it is getting bloody in there. Then another Buffel mounted unit arrives. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable now.

But last turn Steve got some militia reserves on, and he's heading up the table edge to get at me.

My unit in the village was down to its last base and then broke and fled. My left hand Buffel then shot up and destroyed his tank. Steve hit one of my infantry with his RCL on the truck. The white smoke is a pin marker. I alternate black and white so I can tell which are to come off each turn.

I'm now camped on the cross roads.

My other Buffel unit has moved up to dispute the green objective.

Steve's heading for the red objective with his truck, but I pin it with HMG fire from the Buffel.

And then the count down ends the game. I racked up a 50+ victory margin, which was pretty good. Steve enjoyed his first game of AK47 Republic, which given he took a real thrashing just goes to show what a great game it is.

Now. Am I going to buy myself those US Marines and Humvees I promised myself all those years ago?


  1. Do it. Reloaded was one of the great disappointments of my wargaming life

    1. I will do, but it'll be in Q3 or Q4. Agree on Reloaded. I took part in a demo session of the rules with Martin just after they were released. Nearly reduced me to tears.


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