DBA Tuesday

 As Chris and I were both busy over the weekend, this week's fun and games was provided by DBA as the path of least resistance.

There were just the four of us. I played Phil twice, and Chris did the same with Steve.

My first game was Arab Invaders (Phil) v Maurikan Byzantines (Me). Well, I say that but actually the figures were a bit earlier, being my Belisarians. Here's my army after clear up as I forgot to take pictures. I ended up losing 4 - 0. I didn't play very well, rolled rubbish PIPs, rubbish combat dice and didn't really have much of a plan. Phil was good for the win.

For our second game Phil used by my Alans/Lezgins against my Georgians.

I had a bit more of a plan this time, but not much. I hadn't worked out a way to fight the Alan knights when I'm mostly cavalry.

Couldn't complain about PIPs turn one, as I rolled a six, and set about resetting my line.

I had archers in that field, and hoped to kill at least one base. Generally failed in that endeavour.

The central match ups mostly favour the Lezgins, and I still couldn't hit anything with my bows. I have killed a couple of bases by this point, and Phil hasn't opened his scoring. This will change.

Wheels dropping off now. We're overlapping the table edge a bit on the right, but I let it ride due to Phil's poor motor skills. After all, it's only a game. I think we're at 3 - 3 now.

Final turn and Phil goes in for the kill. I need to be outrageously lucky to get a draw, and I'm not, so Phil wins 5 - 3. 

Still, it passed the evening in pleasant company, and I do like these armies.