Saturday, 7 November 2009

Real Life (Part 4b)

Hands have stopped shaking now, so I can finish basing those PP ECW dragoons (not much to do, - just the green paint on the polyfilla/sand once it has dried properly).

Did manage to finish my CoW report on the latest President Jog-Jog game, - virtually 4 months to the day since it was player. I can't remember much of it, but the pictures look okay.

Here's one of him surrounded by what remains of his personal guard having just piled out of his brewed up command carrier (just visible spewing hamster bedding smoke at the top of the picture). He seems to be under close assault from a unit of the Wha-Li's camel riding fanatics.

There's also a technical poking its nose in top left. My recollection is that there was much confusion everywhere, and I'm not sure who finally did for the President.

Although if I recall correctly, they never did recover his body.

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