Tuesday, 29 December 2009

First Ever Championship Game (revisited)

Since I posted earlier on today, I've had some pictures and comments from Phil.

This first one shows my Peter Pig Legionaries deployed deep. I love these little guys, - they really look like they mean business. This picture also shows my portable in house game board, which is painted sandy colour to match my figure bases.

For a technical wargamers analysis of the game, over to Phil:

"The game, of course, was settled by the initiative roll that caught your general with the outflanked cavalry (won against the odds), the successful break off of my exhausted cavalry unit (50/50, but with a 1:6 chance to gift you the unit), and the initiative on the last turn (won with the odds) which allowed me to start with game-winning flank melee (again, close on the odds in that melee, but you needed to beat me on the dice to survive). Very close, and I could not force my way to a winning position once the quick breakthrough option with the camels and similar stratagems had all failed :O( (so taking the 1:6 risk to get the flanking position was really my only option) ."

Sounds like I did okay, but Phil is a very generous opponent. Strangely, however, Phil's comments don't mention the bizarre incident that normally turned the game, which became known as the attack of the killer wind up Christmas Puddings. These can clearly be seen in formation trying to turn the flank of Phil's line.

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