Monday, 21 June 2010

Nothing Worse Than

I missed the train home by about a minute. Not helped as I came into St Pancras by a different entrance to normal and went onto the wrong platform. Still, only had to wait 30 minutes for the next one. Alas although we're stationary at the moment the broadband signal is poor and I can't even get Google to load. That makes you start to think “There's nothing worse than missing a train and watch it pull out...” and other such trite phrases.
It's a phrase you hear a lot.and in a lot of contexts, so in the absence of an internet connection on the train I started to compile my own list

”There's nothing worse than......”
1) getting to the counter at Starbucks and finding they're out of skimmed milk
2) unpacking your army for a game and realising your elite guard unit is actually sitting on the desk at home with the standard still gluing after the last game
3) turning up to run a game and realise the briefings are on your printer at home
4) putting aside an evening to finish some painting and finding that a key colour has dried out.
5) unpacking and army and realising that you've left some figures with an opponent you're not going to see for 6 months
6) unpacking an army and realising that you've left some figures somewhere and you can't remember where.
7) rolling a double 6 when a simple 7+ would have done (what a waste)
8) varnishing a load of figures then realising you've made a mistake in the original paint job
9) putting a newly painted regiment in the box and seeing it doesn't match the others
10) finding the season finale hasn't recorded because your hard disk recorder lost the settings during a power cut
11) than finding your iPod won't sync
12) 101 other irritating little things

Actually there's loads of things worse than all of that. You only have to turn on the news to realise it. Sometimes we don't know how lucky we are.


  1. Yep ... there's a lot worse than missing a train. I know. (unsurprisingly) I've missed plenty.

    There's a big difference between missing a train and 'missing the bus' - after all, Hitler missed the bus and we all know what happened to him.

    PS as some are aware, I once got to SELWG early ... 24hrs early - 8.30 am Saturday morning at Crystal Palace after a 2 hr drive with the Society of Ancients display stand in the back ... err ... where is everybody? Well most of them won't be arriving til Sunday morning, of course. Yep, that was quite disappointing as the facts sunk in.

  2. Well that's nothing. I know someone who turned up at CoW a week early....