Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A task completed?

Last night (that would be Tuesday) I set aside the time to finish off the bits and pieces in my Russian Civil War rules and the various playing aids to go with them. Hopefully this will be the final version for CoW. I've got one last playtest on Friday, so I'd better have got it mostly right. That's not to say you can't take an incomplete game to CoW. After all it's run by Wargame Developments, so why not do a bit of development whilst you're there?

I'd done pretty well with the markers on Monday evening (you know, - order chits, status markers, that sort of thing), and I just had to finish off the Armoured Car "Hit" cards. This is a deck of cards that are used to show what effect the Armoured Car is having on the game, and also what damage it may have incurred. I've got a few decks of blank cards I bought off Martin Wallace of Warfrog games, and I've discovered that 3.5" diskette labels (Avery labels L7666) are perfect for sticking on them. So I had to finish typing in the text on the labels, print them out and stick them on the cards. Then copy and paste the various tables from the rules into a playsheet.

I'd have probably got that all done if young Miss Trebian hadn't phoned me with some car trouble ("Dad...I'm stuck in this village...."). Real Life strikes again, but on the positive side all the driving up and down meant I could listen to the end of the commentary on the England/Australia one day game (that's cricket, BTW, not some weird event at the footy world cup).

Anyway, I managed to finish all of the odds and ends this evening and made a few last minute tweaks to the rules. I've converted them into a pdf and posted it our local group's website for reference.

I even succeeded in getting in an hour's reading on the deck in the late evening sunshine.

Not a bad old life, really.

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