Saturday, 26 June 2010

What I Have Been Doing

In the run up to CoW there's all sorts of odds and ends to sort out in addition to normal tasks and other Real Life things.

So, this is what I've been doing:

1) Last minute play testing of my Russian Civil War game. There's still a few tweaks coming up as being needed during play. I may try to squeeze in another game during the week, as I still haven't had an extended test of the charge and melee rules. Plus I'd really like to run a game with Phil's scratchbuilt Garford-Putilovs (see picture). The photo is staged and not part of the game as the rule Chez Trebian is "no unfinished kit on the table".

2) Drinking a memorial toast to Paddy. We shared a good bottle of 2001 Margaux over Friday night's game. As a noted Francophile and gastronome I hope he'd approve.

3) Trying to remember where I've put all the bits to "The Elephant in the Room"

4) Made a cardboard rifle and "baynot*" for the CoW Plenary Game, which is now a cardboard simulator in honour of Paddy. It's not a very good rifle & I had to use a broken broomstick to keep it together but the "1907 sword baynot" is rather spiffy and also detachable.

5) Produce a sign up sheet for my CoW game. Essential this so that your players know they've got a place & you know you've got a game.

6) Deciding what CoW sessions to attend. There's a bit of an early 20th Century theme developing, and some smashing looking sessions. Looks like I'll miss the Venetian galleys again as it clashes with "Return to the River Don".

7) Leafing through back copies of Nugget to help write my 200 word reminiscence of one of Paddy's games to pin up at CoW. Fatal pastime that. You always end up reading large chunks of them and then wondering where the day has gone!

* a "baynot" is so called because it looks like a bayonet but is not dangerous.

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