Saturday, 3 July 2010

Oh My God It's Early....

Goooood Mooornin' Knuston!!!

Less than 5 hours sleep but inspite of the pounding headache (thanks Mrs Trebian for reminding me to pack paracetamol) I'm awake at 7am and ready to face the day.

Knuston Hall is such a super venue for a wargaming weekend. The Northamptonshire countryside looks beautiful, the Hall has the charm of a bygone age and a cooked breakfast awaits.

Last night's blog was a bit short on detail but it is hard to describe CoW because so many bits are going on at once and you never know what is going on round the corner.

Special surprise last night was Phil turned up with what looked to me to be completed Garford-Putilov's, complete with rivets & a passing resemblance to my style of paint job. He modestly says there's still a few things to complete on them, but they are passed around eagerly by the assembled gamers. For all our talk of design and so on we still love our toys! Martin Goddard of Peter Pig looked on interestedly....maybe there's hope for a 15mm manufactured version...

As I was running The Elephant in The Room last night in the entrance hall I missed a lot of what else was happening. I sort of sat there and ran the game as the rest of the conference rotated round me (and bought me drinks - thanks guys). Alas it is too late now but I finally discovered the perfect name (Ian Drury, I believe suggested this, - I was too drunk to notice everyone - ). "Pachyderm Down" Has a real ring to it. Don't know if I'll change the board and all the parts now though.

It's the 30th anniversary of WD this year, and we've been coming to Knuston for our annual conference now for 29 of them. It has changed a lot. In 1981 it was very "local authority" with shared bathrooms and do it yourself service. It's much more 2oth century now, - most of the rooms have shower cubicles for example. So after a late night's gaming you can liven yourself up in the morning with hot running water without getting lost wandering around with your towel. So now the pain killers have kicked in and I've showered the sleep away I'm ready to get stuck into the day's entertainment.

Real Life? Better than Real Life. No danger of being a Grown Up interfering today.

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