Thursday, 22 July 2010

Real Life (part 13a)

Again real life has even stopped me blogging about real life, let alone interrupting my wargaming.

First up an update on the Dragon Boat racing. We managed to get a team together for all three races, but didn't make the finals, which honestly was a relief as it meant we could pack up at 3:30 rather than hang on to 5pm. And when you were on site at 8am putting up the gazebo and laying out tables for food and drink that makes a difference. The barbecue went well and no one got food poisoning and missed work on Monday. I have to say that team events are a worry, - when we all go out together I can't help thinking that we are one dodgy chef with salmonella away from bringing the company down. Maybe I should split people up between several restaurants when we go out.

So all things considered that was a success. And I have a freezer full of bread rolls because we over catered.

I have managed to get a bit of wargaming stuff done. I've done a couple more CoW reports and I'm part way through the write up for The Elephant in the Room. I've even done some work on those 28mm 16th century Irish I bought in Derby last October. And built and under coated a couple of tchankas and some Sudan campaign cavalry limbers.

So not that bad really.

And I finished Peter Hart's "1918 - A very British Victory" which I found very moving. It is mostly oral history taken from the Imperial War Museum's archive which Peter Hart is responsible for. It follows on in the recent tradition or revisionist history (he holds Paddy G's book on British Army tactical development in particular esteem).

A fine piece of work, and thoroughly recommended.

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