Monday, 27 September 2010

Quick Catch Up

Got a panicked phone call from Mrs T whilst I was at work today. She'd turned the PC on to be confronted by a "You have got a virus message". The symptoms all sounded very odd so I told her to leave it and use the net book instead.

When I got home the error message did look awfully odd, - a webpage that looked like a hard disk scan, several "Trojan" files highlighted and so on. However the English on it was poorly written and had numerous spelling mistakes. So I shut it down and kicked off my virus programme to do a scan.

It's still doing it 3 hours later but it has found some malware. Admittedly it is only half way through, so this could be a late night.

Undistracted by the laptop I've been able to devote an evening to my Peter Pig Covenanters. They're coming along nicely, mainly due to the simple paint scheme required ("hodden grey"). I shall have another couple of regiments glued to their bases by tomorrow night, waiting for polyfilla. By the way, does anyone have any good sources for Covenanter standards? My books are a bit vague, - did they really have saltires on back grounds other than blue? I suppose I could go through by back numbers of Military Modelling but that'll take forever.

Whilst I'm on the subject of asking for help does anyone know who makes 15mm BT-5s for the SCW that are available in the UK. Best I've got so far is from Quality Castings on the US Old Glory website, but they're $10 each plus postage.


  1. Is your question on Covenanter flags a little like your friend's question on starting WWII? Sorry I couldn't help myself...

    It seems there were indeed other colours. The Osprey MAA on Scots Armies has a few items of interest buried in the body of text, with the odd illustration. Much to my surprise when I read it.

  2. No, - but I take your point (looks embarrassed). My books are a little vague. I saw the Osprey book at Derby, but as it is out of print it's a bit pricy now. It is probably quite good as it is written by Stuart Reid, who knows his stuff.

    I found some stuff in the back of Haythornthwaites book on the ECW, - text descriptions, - but I can probably get what I want out of that. Plus a friend has loaned me the Reid book for Partisan Press that has some info in it.

  3. I didn't mean to cause you embarrassment. I could hardly stop laughing when I read your post on Yahoo Groups.

    Here are some examples but a reading of the Osprey would be well worthwhile. I obtained mine just a month or two ago from Spritgames in the UK.

    White saltire on red.
    Red field with small white saltire in corner.
    Red field with small white saltire in corner on blue.
    Yellow saltire on green.
    White saltire on green.
    White saltire on field quartered blue and red.
    White field with black unicorn and writing on scroll.

  4. Thanks, - that's helpful. I saw similar references in another book and didn't quite believe that the saltire ever had a background other than blue. Well, you live and learn.

    I shall be onto these this week, if I'm lucky.

  5. I think if you have a look at the Baccus site, their covenanter flag sheet shows some of the variations, (yellow on a black field etc. As you say, "Reid's yir man fir a' that...")

    1. My, my, you are going through my back pages.

      My Covenanters were done quite a while ago now. Really must get round to doing the Montrose stuff.