Saturday, 2 October 2010

Pachyderm Down!

Post lunch managed to get in quite a few games of TEITR. All of them were Roman wins although one went right down to the wire with elephant dropping dead the square in front of the hastati. The critical moment is captured in the picture on the left.

The other nice thing about shows is that you get to catch up with old friends, - and not just those who want to sell me stuff. And some of them even sit down and play the game. This time round I met up with an old wargaming friend I haven't seen since university and several people I first met through the old AK47 Day that used to be held in June.

I did a proper tour of the trade stands in the afternoon, but managed to hold on to most of my cash. I got a few guns from Irregular from their "Really Useful Guns" range. I find these good value and they fit most periods. I picked up 9 for my SCW forces for £11.25 in total. I'm still in the market for crews, but I'll get them from Peter Pig when I order my T-26s. Overall though I mostly couldn't find what I wanted at the price I was prepared to pay. Whatever happened to special show deals.

On the other hand as I bought a big pile of books recently so I avoided most of the book stands except for the SCW stuff. Shame as there's quite some good stuff on offer for the ECW and the Sudan.

Any how we're done by 5pm and Will's finished his games - one win, one loss - so we're in the car and off.

Back again tomorrow, - why not pop by the SoA stand and say hello?

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