Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday at Derby

In contrast to yesterday the weather was dreadful on the drive up. Like REALLY awful. Hammering rain and it was my turn to drive as well.

Anyway, on-site before pretty much everyone else so the plan to hit the traders again before the public didn't quite stack up. When they opened up I spent out on 25 pdrs for my XIVth Army and Panzer 1's (A+B) for the SCW all from Skytrex.

The gaming public was (well still is - it's lunchtime) a bit thin. Well it's Sunday and it's raining so the crowds aren't out. So far we've run TEITR three times, but all good games. Particularly as the aim is to reach out to non-wargamers. One game had a wargamer and his wife, plus another non-wargaming lady who happened to be standing next to the table.

Then she came back with her two children and played again. I don't know your names, but you made the day for me, - especially as you won with absolutely no room to spare.

As promised here's the picture of you all, together with the dead elephant.


  1. It has been great fun reading your 'as it happens' reports on the Derby show.

    All the best,


  2. It was a really good weekend. We came third in the particiaption section behind a painting class and a fantasy game. Not bad!

    Felt we really connected with non-wargamers which was terrific. We nearly sold out of the SoA's "Let the Dominos Decide", and aquite a few commented that they could play this type of game at home with knights/gladiators/Romans they'ed bought elsewhere. So, maybe some new historical gamers in the making.