Saturday, 20 November 2010

Real Life (part...I've lost count)

Friday was...well made up of bits and pieces. I was running behind most of the time due to a medical appointment. (Nothing serious, - just can't see out of one eye. This is really mucking up my depth perception when I try to paint anything). What this meant was I ended up having to take various rat runs round traffic build ups and so on to get to the office. But then this took me past a village primary school and the assembled 4x4s (that are so essential for getting children safely the 100 yards they have to walk to school). And the people who park them 3 foot from the kerb on a single track road and then when they're about to get into them stand in the middle of the road to discuss loudly with their equally air-headed friend where they're going to for their next manicure.

So by the time I got to the office I was a bit grumpy. However as it was Children in Need day I soon cheered up with all the jolly japes going on in and around the building. Alas as I actually had some work to do I was unable to join in with most of them. However proud to say our department raised at least £400.

The centre piece of the day was a bingo competition that involved 10 numbers being called out over the building tannoy once an hour. There was considerable debate during a slack period if, in our very PC company, the traditional "Two Fat Ladies" would be used for "88". The numbers were being read out by a range of Senior Managers from around the building. Strangely enough they didn't ask me (can't think why).

This lead me to thinking what the calls would be like if you did let a wargamer do them. For example:

"Anti-aircraft - 88"
"AK - 47"
"RPG - 7"
"Soixante Quinze - 75"
"Perry Miniatures - 28"
"Black Watch - 42"

Well, it amused me for a while.

When I got back home I checked my Facebook page (look, I've got 20 something kids so I'm trying to be hip) and saw that an old wargaming friend is about to fall victim to the deficit reduction process. Dammit, that's Real Life that is.

And apparently I have some cyber stalkers. So hello to them as well.

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