Saturday, 11 December 2010

Short Catch Up Post

I don't tweet. Might be good if I did. You could tweet about each move in a game. However, given what I just wrote about AARs that might not be a good idea. So, in the absence of Twitter here's a similar sized update on my last week.

This week has been chaos in many ways. Too many trips out to London & places, followed by an evening drive to see parents who are variously recovering at home from an operation or in hospital. Not really sure if I'm coming or going and I missed my Friday Night Game, so one of the "anchors" of my week also went. Not sure what day of the week it is.

Now trying to finish Christmas shopping, - but only on-line now. Tried shops and failed miserably.

On the positive side I managed to finish another International Brigade battalion (not including the flag) so that's three out of four done. I achieved this by making use of those odd 10 minutes here or there to move them on.

I reckon that the Falange Peter Pig army will actually be painted as Spanish Foreign Legion, but the sources tell me that I really need Moroccans. The Peter Pig boxed set looks a good start and doesn't have any armour in it that I don't need (only so many FT-17s in the SCW) so I'll order that after Christmas. Well, once your lead mountain becomes unmanageable there's no harm in adding to it, is there?

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