Sunday, 9 January 2011

I'm ready for my close up...

Given the mass of comment asking for close ups of my SCW new boys, how could I not oblige?

This is the Brigade anti-tank unit, which is a Peter Pig 37mm, a couple of artillerymen in Adrian helmets and a bloke in a cap from the MG pack. The basing is a 40mm plastic square, like PP sells, with polyfilla/spackle and sand on the top. When dry it has been painted with Dulux vinyl colour mixing tester paint, ref 20YY20193, and dry brushed with another mixed pot called "Labrador Sands". The pebbles were sifted out of a bag of coarse sand, and the green flock came from the railway shop.

This is the HQ from the American battalion. The officer is painted to wear a leather jerkin. I quite like this pose, but alas it looks a bit clunky next to the flag bearer who is also waving his arm about. Perhaps the two command figures pointing in opposite directions is a metaphor for the command and control issues suffered by the Republican forces.

Next up with have three rifle sections, again from the Americanos. The stand on the right is actually a grenadier unit as the chap out front is waving a stick of dynamite. Of the other figures I really like the base in the middle, the figures head down with rifles clutched across their chests. If they had blanket rolls, they'd be perfect. The only other detail to note on the bases would be the tufts of brown, tall grass. This is actually coconut hair, taken from the tuft of a coconut Miss Trebian was given on a school trip. It is "planted" into a hole in the base made by a pin drill after everything else has dried.

Finally, to even things up here's a couple of fascists. These are two bases of Falangists which I painted as test bases when I first got the figures. As the Falange mainly served in rear area this'll probably be the only ones I do like this.

Especially if you look closely at the level of detail on them! Too much like hard work.


  1. There you go ... coloured trim painted in on those Falange caps. Excellent! You have discovered your inner wargamer!

    'Triple Zero' brushes next :)


  2. Just because I don't do trim doesn't mean I can't do trim.

    That was actually done with a 000 brush. They're nice figures with detail easy to pick out without being too exaggerated.

  3. Very nice brush- and basing-work, Mr. De Mille!

    Best Regards,


  4. Thankyou. The secret to the painting is the varnish.