Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Fascist Hordes

Just to round the weekend off I managed to finish my first fascist/rebel/Nationalist/Franco-ist units.

First up we have a Bandera of Spanish Foreign Legion. Again all Peter Pig figures. I'm quite pleased with the overall look of them. The flag is a fictional concoction as my sources are a bit weak in this area.

They are ably supported by a Gruppo of 75mm Schneiders (I think). I have another model to make up, but I just made two for the moment as that meant I only needed one packet of crew figures. The crew are painted in SFL colours.

Finally here's a shot of a Tabor of Moroccan infantry. As you can see they're a bit smaller than the Bandera. In the scale I'm painting up I'm doing two bases to a company. According to Bob Cordery's "La Ultima Cruzada" the Tabors only had a platoon of MGs, so they rate only one base.

I've got enough now to try out a brief game. I'm going to use Bob's "Restless Republicans" which has units about half the size of the one's I've painted up. That means I'll get twice as many manoeuvre units which suits me whilst I'm building the armies.

First test is Monday evening. I know it's Valentine's Day but Mrs Trebian and I have agreed that's just a load of commercial hype.

At least that's what I think we agreed.

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