Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Society of Ancients Game Update

After the rather intense debate inspired by the previous blog entry back to some more mainstream activity.

The re-subscription game for the Society of Ancients 2011 is finished. Rules text and layout is done and proof read. Cover is done. The double sided game board/map artwork is complete, as is the cutout castle (!) and the figures. Here's a preview of the Elephant for "The Elephant in the Room". Well, one side of it. You get a double sided piece that stands 60mm tall.

I'm really pleased with how it has come out as I did the photography and also the Photoshop-style work to extract it from the background.

The figures for the Siege of Harfleur game have likewise come up nicely. Here's Henry V for example. He'll stand nearly 60mm tall as well once he's assembled, and he'll be accompanied by seven stalwart followers.

I'm currently in discussion with my liaison man on the Committee to work out how exactly I get these goodies to him, and in what format. It may end up that even in these on-line days I'll have to send him a disc as the files are quite big and they make my ISP wince when I try to mail them. Even zipped.

It's been an interesting project to do and I can only hope that the membership take to it. I'm quite a bit chuffed that I've managed to finish ahead of my deadline as I was a bit concerned at one point that I would overrun. As I've taken complete responsibility and total control for the output if I miss that I've no one to blame but myself.

I did one of these resubscription games before and I often wonder what the membership really think about them and also if they realise that it's all done by unpaid volunteer labour. All I get out of this is the tremendous buzz of seeing my own work in print.

Which is nice.

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