Friday, 17 June 2011

SN(ea)TK preview

Well, despite not having a playtest this Thursday for reasons we won't go into here I'm sufficiently confident that I have a set of rules that will work now. In fact I'm so confident that I've even designed the cover.

This features a cutout of Capa's famous (now believed faked) photo of the dying Republican militia man against a background mosaic of propaganda posters and images from both sides.

The Capa image was a bit of a pig to do as there's not a lot of differentiation between background and foreground so I had to draw round most of it manually rather than use any of those clever auto-wizards you get with your photo packages. The pen mouse came to the fore on this one.

I'm pleased with the outcome. I now need to take my notes and turn them into a decent text with formatted paragraphs to facilitate contents lists and so on.

Still much to do on these and much to paint as well. I can see some busy weekends ahead.

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