Wednesday, 6 July 2011

CoW Preparation

I seem to be in a rather odd position. It looks like I might have got everything ready for this weekend's wargaming conference and it's only Wednesday. Normally I'm printing, painting, cutting and gluing up to the last minute. I've clearly forgotten something.

Of course I've got one more playtest so I may still have a lot to do!

Phil & I did a bit of extra preparation on Sunday. As Mrs T was totally engrossed in the Wimbledon final I nipped off to have a look at Naseby field with him. It has become a pre-CoW tradition to have a battlefield type visit on the Friday as people make their way to Knuston Hall. Last year we looked at the battlefield of Northampton (650th anniversary), this year Naseby (366th anniversary). So, a significant date.

There's been a lot of work done on Naseby over recent years. The field itself isn't that badly damaged, - there's no housing built on it, not has it been wrecked by a golf course. The major changes are the enclosures and general land improvement of the 18th century and the farms. We were lucky enough to go up the weekend after the opening of a new viewing platform at the corner of Sulby Hedges where Okey's dragoons fired at Rupert's cavalry.

The Battlefield Trust website and the Naseby appeal websites are both sources of excellent information to take on your visit (although the downloadable mp3s are a bit dodgy). We visited not just the Sulby viewing point, but also what's known as Fairfax's viewpoint and Broadmoor itself. The Battlefield Trust have had flag poles erected to mark important places so it helps when trying to pick up the various locations.

Our conclusion was that it's a good visit to do and manageable in the time we have. It'll help if people take field glasses and if the weather is as wet as it seems it is going to be then shoes that cope with mud might be a good idea.

I came away from the trip realising also that you need a proper map and also a copy of Streeter's famous perspective drawing. So I've printed off a few of those and laminated them.

Now I'm really looking forward to the weekend. I've even gone through the programme and worked out what sessions I want to do.


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