Saturday, 6 August 2011

Another one on the pile

Having sort of decided that I would put the book buying on hold after the last blog Mrs T and I went out for a stroll in our local market town.

It has quite a nice indoor market and some very good second hand charity bookshops. I struck gold in the market. There, on the stand, was a book with a faded spine on which I could make out the word "Durruti". Could this be a book about the famous Anarchist leader from the Spanish Civil War?

Yup, - sure enough it was an English translation of his biography (which was written in French by one of his colleagues, Abel Paz) which was published in Canada. in the 1970's. And it was priced at £1. Yes. One whole English pound. Less than the price of a cup of coffee from Starbucks (not that I drink coffee). Easiest decision of the day.

And if you detect an air of smugness it's because it currently retails on Abebooks at c£13 (including postage) for the cheapest copy but is more typically c£20 all in.

Okay, so it's another anti-Franco book but it is the first book I've found written by a Spaniard, and it is contemporary. And it only cost me £1, and I can sell it on for lots more*. Did I mention that?

* Not that I ever sell books on. They're too much like friends, I'm afraid.


  1. Nice find ! , I love finding books in unusual situations .

  2. I'm pleased with it. Did I mention I'm feeling rsather smug about it?