Sunday, 7 August 2011

Somethings I saw over the weekend

Firstly, if you haven't noticed, Peter Pig has announced that there will be some additions to their Spanish Civil War range. Personally I'd like to see some more packs of Carlists and a Carlist command pack with a Priest. I think he also needs to do some gunners in the spanish helmet. My main hope is that the figures will fit with the existing sculpts. Some HMGs & LMGs in spanish helmets would be good too.

Secondly last night Mrs T & I went to see the JJ Abrams' film "Super 8". Have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it despite large bits being very predictable. The young cast were very good and there was one scene which I commend to you all as wargamers and modellers.

The central protagonist is supposed to be 12 or 13 and he makes model kits (the film is set in 1979 so this is plausible). At one point he's sitting in his bedroom with a young girl who expresses an interest in the models (along the lines of "They look do you do that?").

Now I'd guess any wargamer/modeller who gets round to talking to girls when he is young has this moment. When the opposite sex expresses an interest in the hobby and you try to explain it. Of course you don't know if she is really interested or just doing that thing girls do when talking to boys sometimes in pretending to be interested. And you're a bit embarrased at someone being interested in something you do (instead of it being described as uncool or childish when you secretly suspect it might be). Anyhow, he explains dry brushing to her. Yes. A big budget action sci-fi film with a scene in which drybrushing model kits is explained. He even explains that you can buy, like, 24 different shades of grey.

It took me back years.


  1. Result!

    We'd have happily talked to you about drybrushing over the years, Treb ... just never got the impression you were interested :)


  2. I've had my fill of drybrushing. I used to drybrush everything, but I got fed up with it, hence the use of the wood stain varnish.

    Of course, I still drybrush bases.