Monday, 10 May 2010

Minding the Baby

The second day of MK's Campaign was quite a bit quieter.We only ran TEITR four times, compared with nine on the Saturday.

However, I think we'd view the weekend as a success. The Society of Ancients sold a few memberships and many conversations were had with existing and prospective members of the hobby.

The game isn't tremendously well balanced, - the Romans won 12 times out of 13. The Elephant gets close enough to scare the players, but they win out in the end by being daring and at least one of them dies. For CoW I may alter the balance. I think I'll reduce the number of javelins available and make the instant kill on the elephant a bit more difficult. After all WD members are experienced games and there are tactics to be deployed.

I enjoyed running the game, and I enjoy doing shows, but I do object to being taken advantage of. I'll happily run games for younger players, but to be honest I'd rather their parents actually hung around whilst they played, - or even took part. I ran a game on Sunday for 3 very well spoken, very well behaved & polite (if excitable) brothers. The oldest was probably 11. They started off and the accompanying adult hung around and gave advice. 10 minutes into the game he says "I'm off to Costa Coffee, - find me in there boys", leaving me to supervise them. As I said, I don't mind running games for children, but I object to running a creche (see the Peter Pig website for a similar view).

On top of everything it is just unwise. I was involved as a parent in my childrens' primary school, but nowadays I fear I wouldn't there's so much checking and vetting you feel it's more trouble than it's worth. Mrs Trebian as a Brown Owl, and Miss Trebian as a student teacher have both been Criminal Record Bureau checked to exhaustion. What do people think they're doing with their kids?


  1. After many years of running games at shows I now refuse to accept unaccompanied children as players. If their parents are daft enough to ask why I cite my lack of insurance, experience and inclination. Nobody argues after that...

  2. They weren't unaccompanied when I started the game!

    Actually I had one group of 13 year olds without parents, and they were no trouble. Mostly its lads with dads, which is okay as well.

    It isn't the bother so much as the attitude of parents. Why do they think it is okay to wander off? We'd soon get complaints if one of their little darlings stabbed himself in the eye with some game part or other.

  3. Otherwise, I thought the show was excellent (better than last year - but tht's just my perspective).

    NB, last year, we did the Great Commanders - a choice of 2 games ... so 'busy' was 2 players ... at several points this year, we had 3 players in your TEITR, 2 playing my 'Greyhounds in the Slips' so 5 participants all engaged. 'Busy' was therefore much busier, and we were busy almost all day on Saturday.

    Just like WMMS, Triples, Salute etc., of course, more 'ancients' games than last year ... so all the signs are positive (not that I'm biased, of course ...)..

    Phil Steele

  4. Fair comment all round. What we need to get better at is getting back the people in the crowd that gathers when you start the game. We had some big slots of down time, - especially on Sunday, - when we should have been running games.