Monday, 21 June 2010

Blogging on the move

Finally got round to seeing if the notebook and mobile broadband actually works whilst on the move.

Now clearly this would be dangerous if I was driving so the opportunities have been limited so far (actually is blogging on the move in the car illegal, - it's not like it's a mobile phone is it?) but today I have the great good fortune to have to visit the City, so here I am on one of East Midlands Trains finest heading towards St Pancras at a speed alternating between that of a snail on mogadon and a cheetah on speed.

Initial concerns were whether the signal would be strong enough but switching the dongle from corridor to window side on the netbook seems to have done the trick (oo-er just gone in a tunnel, but still connected)

Little wargaming progress has been made since my last posting. I've started to re-read "Farewell to the Don" a rather good memoir of a British officer trying to help the White Russians fight the Bolsheviks (and not a reminiscence of Bradman's last tour of England). I've always thought it would make a rather super movie as it has everything in it, - exotic locations, action, comedy and a mysterious married Russian Countess that the hero may or may not have had an affair with. It's a shame that the Americans didn't do any intervention in the South or Tom Cruise would be after it like a shot.

For those of you who care (and there's at least one of you out there) I have to report that Suzanne Vega was excellent. Backed by an electric guitarist and a bassist she put on a beautiful show, interspersing her songs with anecdotes and banter with the audience. I had the feeling that she has fallen on hard times as she did plug her new retrospective collection rather hard. I wouldn't be surprised if sales are going slowly, - the songs I love are pretty much in perfect form on the albums I've already got. The only exception is Tom's Diner, which is both perfect in its original form, but perfect in the version she did on Saturday evening accompanied by electric guitar and pounding bass. She could do a whole album of different versions of that song and I'd buy it.

I'm pleased to say that the trainee rock journalist with me seemed to be similarly captivated. I'm looking forward to seeing his photos of the event as he has a real eye for concert pictures, whereas even when mine are in focus they still look a bit rubbish.

Any how, that's an event that's been open for 25 years that I've finally closed off, from the moment when I was stuck in a traffic jam in Bedford with Joe Kelly going to count cash in a branch when I heard the opening lines to "Marlene on the Wall" and thought that's an album I want to own and an artist I want to see live. Well, an awful lot of Real Life got in the way. I was always just missing the tour dates when they were announced, or away on holiday when the dates were playing, and so on. Still, done now and a link set up to the lady's website so I get prior notice of next year's tour.

Right, better get back to working on that CoW session.

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