Saturday, 3 July 2010

Blogging Whilst P*ss*d

Well, it's 1:50 am on Saturday morning and I've made it up to my room, comfortably outside several pints of beer and about a bottle of wine.

So far I have met lots of old friends, made some new ones and bought several new books at below cost price. And what else?

Well we had a very pleasant evening meal and played a game of Military Memoirs (see Jim Wallman's free wargames rules site for the details) the wargamers' version of consequences. Then we had a brief memorial for Paddy Griffith (well done to Tim & Bob who got the tone perfectly) before repairing outside to refight WWI as a lawn game.

That only left me to run the elephant game for three groups of players, all of whom (except Martin Wallace of Treefrog) seemed to go away satisfied. Oh, and Peter Pig turned up and gave me a big bag of toy soldiers to paint.

All in all as a wargames evening pretty much perfect.

Just need to get ready for tomorrow and Richard Brooks' Operational WWI game. Tasty!

Apologies for grammer and typing but let me just say I'd probably be best not driving at the moment.

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