Friday, 2 July 2010

Ready for CoW

It's got to the point where I have to take the whole of Friday off to be ready for CoW. Well, actually I backed myself into a corner by reducing my preparation time through an extra playtest game Monday evening (wise choice) and having an WD old friend - Tony Hawkins - over last night so we can do the pre-CoW Battle of Northampton walk together. So instead of packing we had to have a game.

We played ECW ("Victory Without Squares"). Tony took the early war Parliamentarians v my dashing Royalists. A close game with the Parliamentarians winning through via a stunning performance of their left wing trotter cavalry who swept all before them.

So now I just need to find where I've put all my bits for my Elephant game, check the boxes with the RCW stuff in them and print out my Paddy tribute. And find my camera. And decide whether to take the Notebook PC so I can blog whilst I'm there.

Decisions, decisions.

Then down to the pub for lunch.

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