Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Real Life (part 12a)

Got rid of ants.

Ants came back.

Gone out and got the ant fighting equivalent of Corps Artillery.

Deployed ant powder. Sophisticated ant traps in reserve for evening attack.

Whilst buying ant powder got sealing ring to fix sink.

Couldn't fix sink. Joint wouldn't tighten over sealing ring.

Took sealing ring back. Exchanged it for different sort*.

Fixed sink.

At least for now.

Wrote first CoW report.

Got ready to take Mrs Trebian in for operation.

Sat and worried about that. Modern medicine and surgery is great. Just wished we didn't have to use it.

*Our village has a real, authentic, hardware store run by a bloke who knows his products, doesn't take credit cards, lets you take stuff and pay for it later, and will swap stuff if it doesn't work out for you. It's brilliant, even if B&Q can do it cheaper.

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