Wednesday, 5 January 2011

SCW Painting Update

Well, it's taken a while but the first of my Spanish Civil War Brigades is finished. So here we are, I proudly present the 37th Brigada Internacional of the 35th Division, consisting of the 23rd European Anti-Fascist Battalion, the Canadian Workers Battalion, 17th Battalion "Los Americanos" and the English Volunteer Battalion.

Los Americanos are top left, with the 23rd in front of them. The Canadians are top right and the English are in front of them. Right out front is the Brigade HQ, together with the anti-tank battery. A rather fearsome looking bunch of chaps I'm sure you'll agree.

I've modified my method of doing flags. I still draw them on the PC but rather than wrap them round the pole as a double paper flag I've started to glue the printouts to wine bottle foil. This enables me to get a more realistic fluttering feel to them. It's early days yet and I'm having a few teething troubles partly down to using foil that's a bit dark on one side. Any how if you can't see the flags in the photo, here are the originals.

Now I've got these done I shall start work on the legionnaires.

After I do those XIVth Army 25 pdrs.

After I write that scenario for tomorrow night.

After I finish that game design.



  1. looks impressive how about some close ups, the basing looks great

  2. Great motivator for me to get started on my 10mm Pendraken SCW armies. Though don't hold your breath as the project queue is quite long, and I paint quite slowly. Not a good combination I know.

  3. Glad you both enjoyed the pictures. I'll try to post some close ups in the next couple of days.

    The basing is a variant on my basic style. If you've only just started following the blog on of the ealy postings covered how I do them.

    And as for speed of painting, - again go back to my first few blogs where I explain the Trebian painting method which will be perfect for 10mm figures.

  4. Great work, it's a time period I've been flirting with!

  5. Thanks for the compliment. It's good to get the feedback when you've been slaving over stuff for months.

    If you read back over this blog you'll note that I danced around the SCW for months before I was precipitated into it by a kind gift back in September (Peter Pig boxed armies!). There's some really good literature - Anthony Beevor's book is excellent - and the Piggie figures are really nice. Plus you get a nice mixture of hardware to go with it without getting into Tiger Tanks and Nazi super troops.

    There'll be more in a few months, if not sooner, depending on other projects.

  6. Good collection. Nice bases. Much more Spain than many I see.