Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I hate ink jet printers

Yesterday my printer broke. It is less than two years old. I am consequently a bit annoyed.

It started to act up quite suddenly, either claiming it was out of paper, or it was jammed.

Last night it jammed properly. Paper stuck under the rollers, which tore when trying to get it out. Part of the paper is now trapped under the rollers at the bottom of the printer and there is no way to take it apart that I can see. No screws, no clips, no nothing.

So I won't be printing any flags for a while.

Nor anything else.

It was a Canon PIXMA ip2600, and I think that is the shortest any printer of mine has ever lasted.

I think I hate it even more than I hate Windows.


  1. I've just put an (Epson) inkjet in the bin too. For what it's worth I'd not had any bother with the two high-mileage HP inkjets I recently replaced with (HP) lasers.

  2. Just bought and installed a Kodak printer and set up a wireless network for it.

    Once I get going there's no stopping me