Sunday, 1 May 2011

Style or Substance?

So I really should do the decent thing and do my Stylish Blogger post.

Rule Number 1: Thank those who nominated you:

Firstly, thanks to Ashley of "Paint it Pink" -( who nominated me first.

Secondly to Bob Cordery of "Wargames Miscellany" - ( who also nominated me, but doesn't really need the link back as he writes them ost popular wargaming blog in the universe.

Finally to Mosstrooper of "Tin Soldiering On" & "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" ( although it currently won't load on my PC.

Rule Number 2: Say 7 things about yourself:

1) Introduced to wargaming by my big brother, but really got going having borrowed the Don's "Battles with Model Soldiers" from the school library (is that one or two facts, or perhaps 3)

2) I love cult TV and think Farscape is the best hard sf series ever made. Except for the first season, which is seriously pants in places.

3) I live in hope that one day, perhaps, Somerset may win the county championship.

4) Been married for 27 years and still enjoying it.

5) I know what side I would have wanted to be on at Marston Moor & Naseby.

6) Homeopathy makes me cross.

7) The first LP I bought was Trespass by Genesis, and the last Close Upss, Volume 2 by Suzanne Vega.

Finally nominate 10 to 15 great blogs:
Er...this is quite tough as I don't follow many blogs because mostly they are poorly written drivel. Most of the wargaming ones have endless pictures of 28mm steroid junkies with pancake makeup.

So, this is my list:

1) Bob Cordery's Wargaming Miscellany, - mostly because he sets the standard for frequency & variety.

2) Tim Gow's Megablitz and More because he often makes me smile and he has an industril appraoch to the production of wargames kit that I aspire to.

3) Phil Steele's P.B. Eye-Candy because he says nice stuff about my toys and reminds me that I can always do better if I try that bit harder.

4) Ashley's "Paint it Pink" because it has a great name.

And that's the lot.


  1. A richly deserved award! I'd have nominated you but Bob got in first.

  2. Thank you for the tag back too, most unexpected.